With data rates and call rates coming down on the postpaid lines, it is quite a surprise that M1 decided to increase the rate to 20 cents per minute for the first minute. Is M1 forcing users to abandon prepaid and go for postpaid ? If yes, wouldn’t it be better if M1 offers M1 prepaid users to port over their lines to postpaid with credits along to offset their plan ?

Local Calls

  • 8¢/min (All day on weekends & weekdays, 8pm-7:59am)
  • 16¢/min (Weekdays 8am-7:59pm)
  • Free incoming calls for 60¢/day

With effect from 29 Nov 19, local call rates will be: 20¢ for first minute, subsequent minute at 8¢ (All day on weekends & weekdays, 8pm-7.59am) and 16¢ (Weekdays 8am-7.59pm).

International Calls

Local SMS

  • 5¢ (Free 10 local SMS with 5 local SMS sent)

International SMS

  • 5¢/SMS to XL Axiata; 15¢/SMS to other destinations


  • 31.5¢ (≤30kb); 84¢ (>30kb)


  • 0.7¢/kb*

*Pay-per-use local mobile data services are pre-activated and deducted in blocks of 10KB.
Airtime charges apply for mobile calls to “1800” local toll-free service numbers.