Data Roaming in Malaysia


To our surprise, oya actually supports data in Malaysia. Seriously, we cannot say it is data roaming because it requires another eSIM profile for Oya malaysia.

The good news is that, whatever is free (the first 1 GB) and subsequent data that you buy is shared. That is to say, you buy a 5 GB plan for S$20, it can be used in both Singapore and Malaysia anytime anyday without expiry date.

Before you head to Malaysia, you have to enable OYA Malaysia from the app. Once that is done, you are ready to turn off the OYA SG and turn on OYA MY after crossing the causeway.

In Malaysia, the data plan runs on Digi Malaysia. After connection, the phone will be issued a Malaysia IP address. The speed is amazingly fast. A speedtest done in Johor Barhu customs by tester managed to get a fast downlink speed of 114 Mbps. That is even faster than the average 40 Mbps achieved in Singapore. With that speed, doing a facebook live in HD wouldn’t be an issue as it requires a fast upload speed of 34.9 Mbps.

You will never get this kind of speed if you are using a data roam package as it will lock you down to 128 kbps to 256 kbps for data roam users.

An IP address is issued which is a Malaysia IP address.
Speedtest result of 114 / 34.9 Mbps