Oya Singapore has disrupted the SIM only market with a low cost data plan for Singapore and Malaysia. It’s marketed as a data travel SIM with no expiry date. With no subscription and no top up required every six months, the OYA sim only data plan will challenge traditional Prepaid SIM for travelling overseas.

To date, OYA has only made available to Apple users. Although Google Pixel 3/3a/4 phones support eSIM, it is not supported at this stage.

Secondly, the data can only be used in Singapore and Malaysia seems to appeal to those who frequent Malaysia. It will only take up mass sign up if it can provide the same “roaming” with other countries and regions to be viable alternative.

We see great potential in OYA but they really need to pick up speed to make it as the alternative travel SIM of choice.

(Credits : Danie for photos and test results)

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