[update] It is confirmed that TPG will offer free data roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia from mid Jul 2019.

We received some unconfirmed news that TPG will soon offer unlimited data roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia in Mid July 2019. The good news is that it is FREE. It is part of the FREE package and there is no add on fees required to enjoy this service.

Roaming Users can make unlimited call to Singapore and 20 minutes to landlines. In addition, all incoming calls and SMS messages are free.

Looks like local telcos will have to restructure their plans for data roaming. The most hit would be RedONE which is the first to offer such a scheme for free data roaming (up to the local bundle) in Malaysia. Although this sounds like a good offering, the most important thing TPG hasn’t resolve is the VoLTE support. Currently there are only less than 15 handsets which will work with TPG for making voice calls. Surprisingly, all the BIG brands like Apple, LG, Sony, Google are not in the list (some Huawei, Honor, Samsung works). Secondly, they still do not offer porting in from other telcos. There are also no indication of the price plan they will offer. Thirdly, there is still no news on when they signal coverage in MRT tunnels will be available.All these needs to be addressed first.

TPG has to do it one step at a time and get the basics up and running first before talking about overseas data or even voice roaming.

Here is the official press release by TPG

25 June 2019 – TPG will offer free unlimited data roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia for its subscribers from mid-July 2019. TPG subscribers can enjoy hassle-free roaming as part of their existing service without any additional roaming subscription.   While roaming, users can also make unlimited calls to Singapore mobile numbers and 20 call minutes to Singapore fixed lines. All incoming calls and SMS are free.   The company’s Executive Chairman, David Teoh, said, “TPG is pleased to offer free unlimited data roaming in Malaysia and Indonesia. These two countries are two of the top travel destinations for Singaporeans due to their proximity, so many of our customers will be able to save and break away from existing high roaming charges.”
  “These are just one of the many product enhancements we are launching so that our customers can always stay connected and benefit more from our service. Customers can look forward to many other innovations we are planning to bring into the market,” added Mr Teoh.   Six months after its launch, TPG’s free Service Trial plan is proving to be extremely popular with subscriber numbers approaching 200,000 and more customers signing up every day. The Service Trial plan remains open for registration at 
www.tpgmobile.sg so that as many customers as possible can experience the service ahead of TPG’s upcoming full commercial launch.   TPG will provide update about its roaming service and any upcoming product launch on its Community forum at www.tpgmobile.sg/community.

Stay tuned for more updates.

By Harry