According to various online sources, VivoHub mobile will be joining the crowded MVNO market probably before end of this year. Current MVNOs include Circles.Life, Zero1, ZeroMobile, MyRepublic and RedOne which has yet to launch it’s services.

According to records, this company VivoHub is owned by Green Packet Group. Their target audience should be the migrant workers or expatriates. They are a new start up converging on offering solutions for migrants working abroad.  VivoHub also serves to motivates an entertainment and informative mobile-platform where users mingle with one-another within their community through our organized activities and events, sharing the news update on what’s happening in our users’ native countries. 

Will the service be cheap enough to entice you to switch (unless they only open to foreign workers) ?

VivoHub mobile assigned numbers range from 8770 xxxx to 8772 xxxx. It is not known which telco will they be riding on. It is unknown when they will launch their plans.


By Harry