TWINWash has been LG’s star product with its capability to wash two loads at the same time. Today, LG launch the 2018 LG TWINWash series. It consists of smaller-capacity models that can cater to the laundry needs of various Singaporean homes. The smaller-capacity models include washer-only and washer-dryer, with capacities of 8kg, 9kg, 8/5kg and 9/6kg. These main units can be paired with the 2kg mini washer, which is perfect for handling small loads, delicate or separate items such as lingerie, baby clothes and gym wear.

Other than the new smaller capacities, the washer-dryer models FG1410H3W and FG1612H3W boast 10/7kg and 12/8kg front-loaders respectively, so larger families can still enjoy the benefits that LG TWINWash solutions offer. These models can also be paired with a mini washer.


For multigenerational families or families with even larger loads of laundry to wash, washer-dryer models F2718RVTV (18/10kg front-loader) and F2721HTWV (21/12kg front-loader), together with the 3.5kg mini washer T2735NTWV, make an ideal choice.

High-efficiency Dryers That Deliver Better and More Convenient Drying Results
In addition to the new washing machines, LG has developed dryers that protect the integrity of clothing while consuming less energy. Its new dryers (TD-H90SD and TD-H90WD) comes with an industry-leading DUAL Inverter Heat Pump™, which has a
5-tick from NEA and achieved the lowest energy consumption in Singapore market. It results in fast drying time and enhanced performance thanks to two compressing cylinders that simultaneously compress the refrigerant.

The new dryers’ Heat Pump technology also maintains a low temperature to minimize shrinkage and damage. The appliances are also equipped with the Allergy Care cycle, which eliminates 99.9 percent of house dust mites, pet allergens and pollen1 to ensure clean and hygienic results. In addition, the Sensor Dry technology detects moisture on clothing to automatically adjust drying time and temperature to their optimal settings. The new dryers are also compatible with the LG TWINWash mini washers.

LG Styler

LG StylerTM completes the laundry care suite for special care items such as soft toys, pillows, duvets and more; it is also a great solution to refresh your clothes. The LG StylerTM is equipped with LG TrueSteam technology that is an easy, straightforward way to gently sanitize clothes, reduce wrinkles and eliminate unpleasant odors left behind by smoke, food and sweat. Thanks to a special door compartment, the LG StylerTM adds a neat crease to dress pants too.

The LG StylerTM offers a two-in-one solution — it not only sanitizes and reduces wrinkles for clothes, but also dehumidifies the room where it is installed. The sleek appliance makes an investment piece for the long run. Using the Refresh Mode, a 39-minute standard normal cycle once a day for 30 days will only cost around S$8 per month. The energy-efficient solution consumes only 178 watts on a two-hour dehumidify cycle.

By Harry