Usually we only see 9-11″ netbooks. As for Notebooks, it is not that common. Panasonic surprises us with their latest Intel notebook. The J9 series offers a 10″ screen and it is paired with the most power Intel Core i5 and i7 processor!

The J9 comes in 2 different models. There is the Standard model and a high performance model. There are two high performance models, one is with SSD while the other is the traditional HDD.

The Premium edition uses the Intel Core i3-M 370M, Core i5-460M. The top performing model uses the Intel Core i7-M 670M.

The models weigh around 0.9-1.21KG and it is definitely lightweight compared to traditional notebooks.

New features include :

1. Improved mainboard design for better thermal. The size is 24% smaller too compared to the R9 model. It uses the Core i series of processor.

2. The notebook uses SSD and speeds up Windows boot up by 15 seconds.

3. Customers can purchase a Jacket for it to protect the notebook from scratches and pressure.

The J9 is priced from 120000 to 28000 Japanese Yen.