Intel plans to release its first 32 nm processors for desktops, codenamed Clarkdale, only in January 2010. However, these exciting dual core already appeared in the trade lists a German online store, so far only in the form of pre-order.

All six new 32 nm chips Clarkdale implemented as the structural LGA 1156, equipped with integrated video core 45-nm technology to support DirectX 10 and includes a line of Core i3 and Core i5. In addition, the Hyper-Threading is chips are capable of implementing up to 4 simultaneous processing threads, and model Core i5, among other things, support the technology Turbo Boost.

New chips Clarkdale also got a 4 mb cache in the third level and dual-channel DDR3 memory controller 1333, and their clock speeds ranging from 2.93 GHz Core i3 from 530 to 3,46 GHz – a model of Core i5 670. Accordingly vary and the cost of new processors – from 103.90 to 252.90 euros.

Indicator TDP of these chips is 73 watts with the exception of Core i5 Model 661, in which the figure is 87 watts. Incidentally, the data plate in front of the CPU, probably a mistake crept in the price. Since the built-in GPU he has a very high frequency (900 MHz) of the presented models, the cost of the chip, most likely, is about 200 euros.