We received this banner from a reader claiming that TPG will soon offer this plan. We aren’t sure this is for real as another banner we saw before offer a similar plan for youths.

The plan runs for 1 GB per day at Max 4G Speed and capped at 1 Mbps after 1 GB. The price will be $0/mth for the first 6 months followed by $9.90/mth thereafter.

There is S$0 for SIM and delivery charge and it is contract free. There is no mention of free incoming calls, number of call minutes and SMS.

If this is the actual plan, users will be getting around 30 GB of data per month at 4G speeds. This plan will definitely hit the current MVNO Zero1 $9.90 ($13.90) plan and the old MyRepublic S$8 / mth UNO plan as these plans have throttled the after 1 GB speed to a crawl.

At the moment, TPG has strong coverage above ground while the MRT, tunnels and many indoor areas do not have coverage. To date, the number of phones that will work with TPG VoLTE remains a handful.

They have to sought this out because users will consider sign up to be a paying customer.

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