Starhub delivers another deal for you to get more data on top of your existing SIM ONLY plan. With S$20, you get 50 GB of data on top of existing SIM ONLY plan.

In addition, you can add another 10 GB for S$10/mth. If you want unlimited weekend, it can be added at S$6/mth. Data free apps at $6/mth and 1GB for 3 days if you just need that extra for a few days.

Simply, with a base plan of S$25/mth for 13 GB + free unlimited weekend data, you can top up another S$20/mth for another 50 GB of data.

e.g. S$45/mth for 63 GB of data.

The Starhub plan seems to be a challenger to Circles.Life recent top up plan. Circles life base plan is $28 for 20 GB and add on $20 for 20GB. Total $48 for 40GB (now comes with a $60 cashback). If you factor in $2 for free incoming calls, that would be $50 for 48 GB of data and thereafter unlimited at managed speed (unsure what speed is it throttled at).

*updated the $120 cashback offers is now replaced with a $60 cashback offer when you transfer the mobile number to Circles.Life.

Starhub’s base plan is $25 for 13GB and an add on for $20 for 50GB. Total is $45 for 63 GB. After 63 GB is consumed, it will be throttled at a managed speed (unsure what speed it will be throttled at).

Very apparent, Starhub seems to have the best SIM ONLY plan right now. If you do not mind hiccups , coverage issuesor VoLTE issues, TPG is offering a 12 months trial (ongoing) which provides 2 GB per day at 4G+ after which is throttled at 1 Mbps (effectively average of 60 GB per month) and free unlimited voice calls to other mobile networks (on supported VoLTE devices). It is FREE for 12 months.

So. are you a data hogger or are you don’t mind free stuff and save some costs. The choice is yours.

I am sure the unlimited throttling will soon become a norm on all telco plans. How will Singtel and M1 react with Starhub’s new top up plan?

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By Harry