Samsung Electronics unveiled world’s first foldable smartphone at a price tag of USD 1980. The model, known as Galaxy Fold will go on sale on 26 April and is 5G ready.

The device looks similar to a conventional smartphone with a 4.6 inches screen, when unfolded, it reveal a display size of 7.3 inches.

With the foldable phone, Samsung is trying to take the technology lead where Apple’s 5G phone won’t be ready till 2020.

Along with the folding phone, Samsung also added new cameras and a 5G version to its Galaxy series of phones.

Rival smartphone makers are expected to announce 5G models at next week’s Mobile World Congress, the industry’s top annual event, in Spain. Samsung said its 5G handset would be available in the early summer.

The Galaxy 10 series needs to appeal to consumers who are reluctant to upgrade for only incremental technological improvements in performance. Such reluctance led to the worst-ever year for smartphone sales in 2018.

For that high price tag, will you be better off buying a smartphone + a tablet for your usage on the move.

By Harry