Signal Strength and IP allocation



There is no APN to manually configure the settings. Just select Starhub Prepaid on the smartphone will work. it works on any 3G/4G phones and no special settings are required to get it working.

Speedtest and IP

Network Cell Info Lite is an application which tests the signal level of the network at your current location. The tester tested it at his work place in Choa Chu Kang (not HDB estate). 

To our surprise, we see that it supports LTE+ and the signal level is comparable to Singtel/Zero1. -82 dBM is very good compared to the TPG which has only 1 bar of signal. A call was made through TPG to VivoBee and it got through (VoLTE TPG to 3G ViVoBee). This is because TPG seems to have no issues calling Starhub numbers (that includes MyRepublic as well).

Voice quality is pretty decent but it lacks the clarity i am used to on VoLTE.



VivoBee uses TATA Communications as the backend for it’s MVNO. Thus, we see public IP addr that belongs to the TATA group 180.87.50.x 

By Harry