The Oppo Reno 10X Zoom was just launched earlier last week. Being a smartphone that comes with a hybrid 10X zoom, we decided to give it a test run. As we are at a showroom, there is a certain limitation on how far we can zoom this device.

Here are results :

The front camera slides up when Self Fi mode is activated.
Front: 16MP F2.0
This allows the Oppo Reno 10X ZOOM to have a full screen display without any notch or punch hole.

Rear: 48MP F1.7 + 8MP F2.2 + 13MP F3.0
10x telephoto 
Normal 1X
5X hybrid Zoom
10X Hybrid Zoom

As we are in an indoor environment, when we engage the digital zoom, we can see some noise on screen. This is to be expected as the zoom camera might not be suitable for a dim environment..

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By Harry