While most people pay high monthly subscriptions for 10 GB a month, Zero1’s unlimited plan at S$29.99 (first 3 GB of 4G speed) or S$9.90, S$13.99 (after first 6 months (1 GB of 4G speed) may be more useful for people on the move who loves watching youtube on the go.

In fact,  1 Mbps may sound very little but it is enough to do video streams at 480p or even 720p (with some buffering). Instead of viewing it on the small 6″ mobile screen, we can share out the internet, connect it to a LG smart TV through WIFI treating the phone as an access point.

There you have it. A mobile network powering your Smart TV streaming youtube LIVE or recorded media. In fact you can see from the LG’s WebOS youtube app has a nerd stats which shows that there are not dropped frames and the resolution being used to display the video. Most importantly it works without breaking your piggy bank.


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  1. SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest wireless operator, has announced that Samsung, Ericsson and Nokia will be the preferred bidders for 5G equipment with Huawei noticeably absent.

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