If you thought that 3 camera on a smartphone is a bit too much, how about 5 ?

A leaked image on the web shows that Nokia being might be back with it’s Pureview smartphone, this time round powered by Android. The image shows the back of the smartphone hosting 5 lenses, an LED flash, and an IR focusing apparatus. The 5 lenses would be telephoto, black white, color and multi-lens pixel synthesis.

As HMD Global holds the rights to Pureview, will we be expecting a high end camera phone from them in the form of Nokia 9 or Nokia 10.

Will this set the trend for tri quad or penta camera setup as the new standard in future smartphones or will it go back to a single large aperture and sensor camera with 40 megapixel as standard ? It remains to be seen.

vRumoured Nokia penta camera phone