So far, only a handful of manufacturers are behind WP7 namely HTC, LG, Samsung and Dell. It appears that Nokia is unwilling to lose a piece of the WP7 pie. A latest rumor is pointing towards the launch of Nokia devices, which will be running WP7, in the second quarter of 2011.

Nokia Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Coming in Q2 2011?

Mobile-Review’s Eldar Murtazin has revealed that Microsoft and Nokia have been conducting talks regarding a Nokia-branded WP7 smartphone range. Murtazin has suggested that the first batch of Nokia WP7 devices will reach the European markets in Q2 2011, which could be sold under the Nokia brand, and will have some typical Nokia characteristics.

Murtazin is also saying that these talks were prompted by Stephen Elop who is the newly-instated Nokia CEO, and who is also the ex-head of Microsoft Business.

You might already know about Nokia’s Symbian and MeeGo plans, so this latest info is a bit hard to believe. But since it has come from a guy who is famous for his former hits, we believe that this may not be the last time we will be hearing about Nokia Windows devices.

But, Nokia has already denied any plans to go the Android or Windows Phone 7 way, and the first MeeGo devices are expected to arrive in 2011.

But it would be really fun to see the competition rising in the WP7 market, and customers would love to see the company’s excellent hardware running other platforms.

We will keep you updated when further info arrives. So stay tuned.