In Day 2, we take a look at Albatron. This old brand has transformed itself from a mainboard maker into vga and now they even do optical touch screen solutions.

To offer better and more service to customers & end users, Albatron unveils two brand new product lines and reconstructs two existed product series.

Optical touch solutions
Touch screen is everywhere in our daily life. From mobile phone, Kiosk to digital interactive signage, we can find products or services that embedded with touch technology. Albatron Optical touch solution can be adopted to different devices that have 16:9 LCD screen larger than 18.5”.

Albatron Optical Touch Solutions provide the best reaction time, accuracy, durability; and, it takes less than 1 Watt when operation. To compare with other touch solution, Optical touch technology should be the best one for large flat panel display.

Server memory module
Quality and stability are the two basic requirements when being a professional IPC manufacturer. In order to provide better and better compatibility, Albatron decides to make server memory modules for customers. Before shipping products to customer, Albatron did every compatibility & stability test in both motherboards and modules. It means customers don’t have to worry about the system memory compatibility when building their machines. Albatron wide-range of server modules solutions from Long-DIMM, SO-DIMM to FB-DIMM and ECC registered modules.

Customized motherboards
Albatron has 10-year experience in designing motherboards, and designs specific motherboards for customers for more than 5 years. During Computex 2010, Albatron demonstrates different form factors of motherboards from ATX, microATX, Mini-ITX, 3.5” to customized size.

Customized graphics cards (VGA)
As in motherboards territory, Albatron is also experienced in designing VGA. Besides consuming product, Albatron can design VGA in different interfaces also. Just like what we see on Computex, Albatron shows PCIe x16/ PCIe x1/ AGP/ PCI product on booth. If you need something that differs from mainstream, Albatron can make it for you.

Below are screen shots of the exhibits