MSI Displays Industry-First Military Class II Standard


ExclusiveOC Genie II technology boosts Z68 performance to 457%!

Brandnew AMD 9-Series mainboards with Military Class II components launch with greatpower!

The world’s second largest (and Asia’s largest) IT event — COMPUTEXTAIPEI 2011 — will be held at all exhibition halls of the Taipei World TradeCenter (TWTC) from May 31 to June 4.  MSI, the world-leading manufacturerof mainboards and graphic cards, will be at Booth L607 in TWTC NangangExhibition Hall A, where the unrivaled power and sensational performance of MSIproducts will surely attract attention.  MSI will display the best of itsbest products at the show, including products that have passed theuncompromised US Military Standards (Military Class II Series) and the latestIntel Z68 mainboards equipped with the MSI-exclusive OC Genie II.

Also shown are the latest Military Class II AMD 9-Series mainboards,with easy overclocking and core unlocking, and the flagship-level BigBang-Marshal (B3) mainboard equipped with eight PCI-E 2.0 x16 slots, the mostin the industry, and the premium Creative X-Fi MB2 sound processor – the bestchoice for gamers with its superb gaming performance and sound effects.

MilitaryClass II: Certified for Military Quality Assurance

Only the strictest testing standards to achieve the best quality!

The launch of the MilitaryClass standard has changed the IT industry, and although competitors followedsuit immediately, military-class components are only found in the highest tierof products.  As a quality perfectionist, MSI has equipped all thelatest Intel Z68/P67/H67 mainboards and AMD 9-Series mainboards with Military ClassII components, including Hi-c CAPs, SFCs and Solid CAPs to meet the rigorous USMilitary Standards.

These include the low pressure test, high temperature test, lowtemperature test, temperature shock test, humidity test, vibration test andshock test. In either extreme OC or severe environments, MSI mainboards canalways fulfill the performance and quality expectations of users.

OC Genie II – Smart OCTechnology: Performance and Power Beyond Compare on Z68

Although the Military Class II Standard has made MSI mainboardsflawless, the new-generation OC Genie II smart overclocking technology booststhe performance of MSI mainboards far beyond the imagination. Continuing thelevel of accessibility of its previous generation, the OC Genie II makes OCeven easier.  Users can activate OC in three different ways: press thebutton on the mainboard; turn it on from BIOS; or activate from the OSapplication. In just one second, OC Genie II can unleash optimal performancefrom your system.

The latest MSI Z68 Series is one of the key products at theshow.  In addition to Military Class II components, it is also equippedwith the Intel Smart Response Technology, tailored for SSDs to enhance dataread/write speed. Combined with the MSI-exclusive OC Genie II, users can boostthe performance of their Z68-based platforms up to 457% to get way ahead ofcompetitors. The MSI Z68 Series also supports both integrated and discretegraphic displays for added flexibility and power saving capability.

Military Class II with AMD 9-Series: Unlock Cores, OC and NVIDIASLI/AMD CrossFireX All in One

TheMSI AMD 9-Series will make its debut appearance at Computex 2011. Apart fromMilitary Class II components to maintain stable operations in OC and high-loadstates, the MSI OC Genie II can significantly boost clock speeds and unlockcores in AMD CPUs to boost performance to 248%! The MSI AMD 9-Series alsosupports NVIDIA SLI and AMD CrossFireX for multiple-display – up to fourgraphic cards at the same time.

Big Bang-Marshal (B3): The mainboard tailor forpower users

MSI’s Big Bang-Marshal (B3) is set to deliver the most powerfulmainboard for enthusiasts – Military Class II components, eight PCI-E 2.0 x16slots (the most in the industry), and the premium Creative X-Fi MB2 soundprocessor for users to enjoy unrivaled gaming performance, uncompromised systemstability and outstanding sound effect.

The 24-phase DrMOS power supply design ensures performance andstability required for any OC operations.. while the dual 8-pin power supplyand additional 6-pin VGA supply ensure stable power supply for both theprocessor and graphics card in OC state for optimal performance.