AMD supporters have something to rejoice as Gigabyte prepares the next generation Socket FM2 board. The AMD series has always been cost effective solution for most users.

Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 is a higher performance socket FM2 APU board, it supports the next generation of Radeon HD 7000 DX11 integrated graphics within the processor (definitely beats the Intel Core i5 internal graphics). It supports dual graphics and CrossFire technology.

It uses a dual channel architecture and supports DDR3-2400+ (OC). As for the VRM design, it uses a 6+2 phase. The board has 3D BIOS, UD5, Displayport,HDMI, DualLink DVI output ports. Thre are also 6 SATA 3, 6 USB 3.0.

As it is  AMD product, you would see SLI support on it. One thing to note, it has Lucid Virtu too. Install an addtional discrete graphics card, enable Virtu and get amazing scores (for non CPU bound graphics apps and benchmarks). It is definitely something worth waiting for.

The FM2 is rumoured to be available between Aug or not later by end of Nov.