During the press conference held earlier today in Taipei, CEO Lisa Su showed the prototype AMD ZEN processor on stage. They are testing it in labs.

”Zen is alive, Zen is on track and we are extraordinarily excited about what Zen will bring to the market place,” AMD CEO Lisa Su said during a press conference at Taiwan’s annual Computex trade show.

Zen was “taped out” earlier this year, Su said, and the (simplistic) video for the chip’s presentation was even produced with a Zen CPU. AMD’s expected to begin sampling the processors to limited partners within a few weeks, with a wider round expected for the third quarter of this year.

Zen’s built around a AM4 socket that introduces DDR4 memory compatibility to AMD’s lineup and will apparently be compatible with existing coolers from legacy AM3+ motherboards.

AMD has long said Zen would feature at least a 40 percent increase in instructions per clock over its current generation Vishera chips. AMD will abandon the architecture of its Vishera chips in favor of a simultaneous multi-threading approach similar to Intel’s Hyper-Threading.

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  1. who has started production of the amd am4 socket motherboards and amd zen fx processors?

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