As most of you are aware, counterfeit iPhones are popular in Asia. In fact, a lot of iPhone or even Nokia look alike commonly known as Shanzhai products are commonly manufactured in remote parts of China.

News reports have always been uncovering fake phones, food etc. One thing you would have never have expected is that they now even have a copy cat faked Apple Store in Kun Ming. In China, there are only a couple of Apple Stores, they are located in Beijing and Shanghai only.

Our HK editor alerted us about a traveller blog and revealed that there are at least 3 shops in design to the real stores. The decoration looks high pretty decent to say but no one is sure if they are selling the real products.

The blogger also noticed that friendly salesperson are wearing the blue Apple shirt with a name tag with word “STAFF” printed on it.

When he tried to take photos, he was stopped by the staff and security was called in. You can suspect as much why they are so worried of being exposed.

The most surprising fact is that there is not just one but three such Apple Stores in the same area. One of the shops even have the word spelt wrongly as “Apple Stoer”.

See the pictures attached.