DOVADO Remote Control
DOVADO’s mobile app for Home Automation

Dubai Internet City, UAE / Kista, Sweden – 4th of October, 2010.

DOVADO has developed a unique mobile app that makes it possible with the help of a DOVADO 4GR router to remotely automate electrical appliances throughout the home from anywhere in the world. The mobile app is available for iPhone and Android-based platforms.

The DOVADO Remote Control mobile app is extremely easy to use. With the touch of a button, it connects you to your DOVADO 4GR and provides you with an easy means to control all your various electrically-powered appliances. The appliances can be operated individually, in groups (rooms, etc) or all at once. In short, anything that can be connected to an electrical outlet can be operated remotely by the DOVADO Remote Control mobile app.

View a demo of how the DOVADO Remote Control works

The solution itself is based on a combination of a DOVADO 4GR, a TellStickTM ( and one or several wireless electrical wall-plugs, which are affordably available in most appliance retail outlets.

“Using our Home Automation solution in general can provide a reduced environmental impact as certain energy-guzzling equipment do need be operating around the clock. Our scheduler can automate when appliances should be switched on or off, however utilizing this app means that you have the added comfort of quickly taking control of appliances you may have forgotten to switch off or on.” says Erik Arthur, CEO of Dovado.

As the DOVADO 4GR can connect to the Internet via the fastest fixed or mobile broadband networks, one will not have too many issues in installing a Home Automation solution in any location, be it in a Gigabit fiber-connected urban apartment, or a mobile-connected cottage out on the countryside. Naturally, the mobile app can also be operated on the same Wireless LAN as the DOVADO 4GR itself.

Besides the ability to operate all the electrical devices, the DOVADO Remote Control app can also access the DOVADO 4GR router’s monthly Internet traffic statistics, 3G signal level, and also a map showing the router’s present location (if operating in a moving vehicle together with a USB-based GPS dongle, for instance).

Make sure to search for “Dovado” on your iPhone or Android app store!

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