World’s leading hardware manufacturer – Elitegroup
Computer Systems (ECS) is proud to introduce its brand new LIVA mini-PC – One at CES 2016. It features a flexible hardware configuration in a book-size, one-liter form factor.


ecs liva one pc

In addition, LIVA mini PC with Windows 10 will have a remote control  application natively built-in; providing full wireless usage with your own mobile ECS will also display the World’s first HDMI 2.0 motherboard – LEET Gaming

Z170-CLAYMORE, which offers doubled FPS (up to 60) UHD 4K screen with an advanced video experience. ECS welcomes all CES visitors to come to enjoy the spectacular and cutting-edge technology at the Bellagio Hotel, Penthouse Suite; from Jan 6th to 8th, 2016.

By Harry