ASRock Inc., the global leading motherboard manufacturer today proudly announced its brand new AMD 890GX Extreme3 motherboard supporting ASRock UCC function that allows CPU cores upgrade from X4 to X6 of AMD’s upcoming PhenomII X4 960T processor. This will be a value-added news to ASRock motherboard functionability and practicability and we believe that computer enthusiasts will be definitely attracted by our cutting-edge AMD motherboards.

How many cores do you desire? The answer must be “as many as possible”. It seems a daydream for most users; however, ASRock brings magic to our fan again and makes your dreams come true! ASRock has exclusive equipped with an ASRock UCC chip and specially tuned UCC (Unlock CPU Core) function in the BIOS of their 890GX Extreme3 motherboard to unlock the mind-blowing performance of AMD’s upcoming PhenomII X4 960T CPU. Just a simple switch of the BIOS option ‘UCC’, users can unlock the extra CPU core to enjoy an instant performance boost! Enabling the UCC function in BIOS, AMD PhenomII X4 960T CPU might be upgraded to X6, users are able to take advantage of ASRock superior 890GX Extreme3 Motherboard. (*The success rate of this enhancement depends on the individual CPU.)

See Page 2 for CPU-Z, BIOS screen shots >>>


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