ASUS introduces yet another add on to the RoG. This time round it is the OC KEY.

The OC Key basically is a DVI-D stick that monitors that various overclocking parameters of the system. The OC key is capable of overlaying these parameters onto the screen(OSD – on screen display) when you are running your games or benchmarks.  The OC Key is also firmware upgradable and

For extreme overclockers that uses LN2, the board comes with subszero sense. Now you can measure the temperatures. Plug in K type thermocouple to the board to masure desired components. You can read the data from bios, turbo evo, oc key even during system standby.

VGA hotwire is another feature that can be used to measure voltage levels and see them in real time in OC key, UEFI BIOS or Turbo V EVO. Just solder the 2 wire cable on VGA measurement spots and plug the cable onto the motherboard to measure.

Finallly, the ROG board will comes with BattleField 3 special edition Full Game bundled in.

If you have been using a Intel Z68 mainboard and a SSD, you would most likely be using the ISRT feature on it. Sad to say, intel X79 does not support ISRT. Likewise the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme does not support it. The irony is that the lower end TUF X79 SABERTOOTH and P9X79 series supports ASUS SSD cache using the on board Marvell controller. ASUS SSD works similarly to Intel’s ISRT, using a SSD connected to work as a cache to speed up the system. In fact, ASUS SSD is more flexible than configuring ISRT as you just need one click to configure it.

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