Today, we just witnessed an overclocked LGA2011 processor. The processor runs on the Intel X79 Express chipset mainboard with a regular heatsink. We observe the temperature at IDLE, it reads around 45 degrees.

A check on the CPU monitor shows that the CPU is running at a multiplier of 41X with CPU CLK set to 120MHz. This gives us a reading of 4.92GHz. The memory was running DDR3-2400 at CAS 10. CPU Vcore was 1.51v.

From the readings, it looks like the new Core i7 would be a pretty good overclocker. Who cares about LN2 when you can achieve such high speeds even on AIR. The retail processor should do better.

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One thought on “Intel Sandy Bridge-e processors can overclock pretty well reaching 5GHz on AIR”
  1. This is great news. I feel so outdated because I am still running a Quad Core with an LGA 775 Socket. It does the job I have 8 GB RAM (DDR2) with 3000 GBs worth of storage between 2 hard disks. Good article and website. Keep building great content and good luck.

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