We received this news from legit reviews and they have found a bug with the current new Ivy Bridge processors. Apparently, the Core i7-3770K works pretty well on the Intel Z77 chipset but not on the older Intel LGA1155 boards based on Z68 or P67 chipsets.

They found that Intel Core i7-3770K’s multiplier can’t be overclocked beyond 39X. It seems to be locked. This means that Intel ‘k’ sku processors like the Intel Core i7-3770K processor are stuck at a multiplier of 39 on these boards!

From the looks of it, it could be a BIOS issue on the older Z68 and P67 boards as they can’t fully support the new processor.

Think of it another way, most reviews out there are still using the Engineering Samples leaked out from some under table dealings, perhaps the final retail units will not have this sort of issues.

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3 thoughts on “Ivy Bridge processors can’t overclock on older Z68 and P67 board; multiplier get stucked at 39X”
  1. Bios issue.

    Asus z68 bios’ in the 3XXX series are just fine.

    Asus P67 will have to wait for bios’ in the 3xxx series to go higher than 34-39 on multi despite “k” chip.

    I found this out 1 month ago on my Asus P8P67 and had confirmation from Raj at Asus.

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