The third generation Intel core i5 processors were just released 2 days ago. Within 2 days of it’s debut, we are hearing stories about compatibility issues running of these processors on older chipsets e.g. Z68. This is acceptable as the older Z68 chipset may not have the latest bios to support the new processors.

The weirdest thing that we heard was that a certain brand’s B75 Board couldn’t boot up with the processor. Imagine you paid for a new processor and a new board and found that it can’t boot. This is really frustrating.

Sometimes I really wonder why some brands spend so much money doing all sort of campaigning on their overclockability but they can’t even get the basics right e.g. stability and compatibility before releasing it to the retail market.

This does more harm to the brand’s image than anything else. Come to think of it, sometimes you get better luck with lesser known brands as they have lesser range of products and a more committed team to ensure the quality of the boards ensuring it to work with the retail processors.


3 thoughts on “Well known brand Intel B75 board cannot boot with core i5 3570k”
  1. It would be more like news if they told us the brand… Could you let us know please guys, Ive just ordered an MSI b75 board with a 3550 non k processor and it would be great to know if I could expect it to work on arrival.

  2. Seriously this is news??? This has been happening with processor upgrades on motherboards forever!!!!

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