Right after Intel launches it’s third generation, there are news that AMD will launch their 2nd generation APUs this May 15th 2012. The Piledriver based APUs are divided into 3 categories. It is rumoured to spot the new Socket FM2 and has memory support of DDR3-2133. The integrated graphics is a Radeon HD 7000.  The highest performance APU A10-5800K will clock at 3.8GHz with Turbo at 4.2GHz and will have a TDP of 100W. AMD also adopted the “K” series indicating the multiplier is unlocked (formerly known as Black edition).

Trinity“, “Weatherford” and “Richland” (all 32 nm)

Piledriver based APUs will be divided into three main versions for specific price-points and markets

  • Trinity covers the performance segment of the APU line. It will replace the Llano based A8-series.
  • Weatherford covers the upper-mainstream segment. Replacing the Llano based A6-series.
  • Richland covers the lower-mainstream segment. It is to replace the Llano based A4-series.
Step. CPU GPU Memory
UMI TDP Socket Release Date Price at
Part Number(s)
Cores Freq. Turbo L2-Cache Multi Voltage Model Config1 Freq.
A4-5300   2 N/A N/A 1 MB ? ? HD 7480D 128 600-800 MHz DDR3-1866 ? 65 W FM2 ?    
A6-5400K   N/A N/A     HD 7540D 192        
A8-5500   4 3.2 3.7 4 MB     HD 7560D 256        
A8-5600K   3.6 3.9       100W      
A10-4600M   2.3 3     HD 7660G 384   35W May 15 2012    
A10-5700   3.4 4     HD 7660D   65W      
A10-5800K   3.8 4.2 20x     100W