AMD is set to launch its latest A series APUs codenamed Trinity in May and will initially only release models for notebooks with models for desktops to wait until August, while the company’s 40nm tablet PC processors codenamed Hondo is set to launch in the fourth quarter to timely fit in with the release of Windows 8, according to sources from notebook players.

The Trinity processors adopt a Piledriver structure and will have a 25% improvement in overall performance and 50% in graphics performance comparing to the existing Llano processors, noted the sources.

AMD is set to launch its desktop Trinity processors including A10-5800K, A10-5700, A8-5600K, A8-5500, while will also releasing A6 (Weatherford) and A4 (Richland) series processors. All these processors are manufactured by Globalfoundries, adopting a 32nm process.

In June, AMD will release low-power consumption, entry-level Brazos 2.0 – the new C and E series processors including 18W E2-1800 (1.7GHz) and E1-1200 (1.4GHz). In the third quarter, AMD will release new FX series processors including FX-8350, FX-6300 and FX-4320.

After Bulldozer, AMD will release Steamroller structure in 2013 and Excavator in 2015 and for notebook processors, the company will launch Kaveri processors to replace Trinity and Kabini APUs to replace Brazos 2.0.