One thing good about AMD is that whenever there is a chance in chipset, you can still use your older cpu as it maintains the compatibility with the processor and socket type.

This has always been the case for dual core, tri core and quad core processors, what about the upcoming 6 core processors ? Will the older chipsets work with it ?

From what we gathered, AMD 790GX and 785G boards should support the upcoming AMD Hex core processor “Thuban”. This is because the new chipsets 890GX is similar to the 785G with an increased GPU clock and DX10.1 support. We will have to wait till early April to get see if there are any compatibility issues.


2 thoughts on “Will AMD 790GX and AMD 785G support 6 Core “Thuban” Processor ?”
  1. What about 770/sb710? Will that be supported if 790gx and 785g are?

    1. Doubt so. The reason i say so is because these boards uses probable lower quality components and not enough phases to handle the new processor.just my guess

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