From our usual sources of information, the upcoming 6 core Thuban processors will make it’s first appearance in the market somewhere in May 2010. If our predictions are right, we would see lots of them at the Computex Taipei 2010 show to be held in June 2010.

The codenamed Thuban series of processors are hex cores processors of 45nm process. We understand that it will have a 95W TDP. Some information we gathered showed that some models can be up to 125W which we can’t confirm.

The accompanying chipsets would be available as early as Apr 2010. We expect it to be the AMD 890FX discrete chipset (with SB850). From what we understand, it is said that the AM3 socket processor should also work with older 790FX or 790GX boards with a BIOS update (some models).

We look forward to see the first Hexcore processor from AMD.

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Here are some possible models

Model Number
Freq. L2 Cache L3 Cache HT   TDP Socket Release Date  
Phenom II X6 xxx   2.8 GHz 6x 512 KB 6 MB 2.4 GHz   140 W AM3 Q2 2010  
Phenom II X6 1075T   x GHz 6x 512 KB 6 MB 2.4 GHz ? 125 W AM3 Q2 2010  
Phenom II X6 1055T   x GHz 6x 512 KB 6 MB 2.4 GHz ? 125/95 W AM3 Q2 2010  
Phenom II X6 1035T   x GHz 6x 512 KB 6 MB 2.4 GHz ? 95 W AM3 Q2 2010  


19 thoughts on “AMD Thuban hex core processor to be released by May 2010 ?”
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  2. ‘Theres a good explanation why Intel was ahead a majority of the time in the processor game. Thats because intel crippled their compile code. It automatically used the most obsolete out dated instructions for all AMD processors.’

    Wow, and I didn’t even know this at the time. It’s why I left Intel out of the equation when designing the new system; ASRock 990FX Fata1ity, Phenom II 1045T CPU @ 2.7Ghz, 8 GB Ripjaws X series @ 2000 Mhz, Diamond Multimedia 6770 Radeon (Crossfire enabled). It comes with all the standard top end features, plus the Fata1ity mouse port; wireless mouse specific USB port allowing to tweak the polling rate higher than normal for optimal reception and response.

    tl;dr = Kinda figured Intel pulled something like this…

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  5. we can see in the first half of 2010 six-core processors dropping from both Intel and AMD, according to leaky sources at motherboard manufacturers, with both the Intel Gulftown and AMD Thuban ranges hitting desktop computers. but now still now where to buy it because still too expensive.

  6. I think we agreed that there is a significantly improve single-threaded performance, but still 3.4GHz Phenom II X4 965 was falling behind in benchmarks. Alot opinion was that AMD has finally regained some pep in its step and that these new 6-core CPUs are going to give Intel’s heart attack but let us see whether it’s true

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  8. Ok. I read a few times that AMD can’t keep up with intel. Firstly I would like to state that many of AMD’s CPUs can not keep up with intels. The ones that do not come respectively close though, and in some cases are neck to neck with intels. A lot of AMDs processors do beat a lot of intel processors also though. They are just ones that you normally do not hear a lot about because people just don’t care about them in particular. AMD is not far behind intel though. They are very close behind them. Theres a good explanation why Intel was ahead a majority of the time in the processor game. Thats because intel crippled their compile code. It automatically used the most obsolete out dated instructions for all AMD processors. After this has been discovered, when you go back and look at benchmarks, it actually seems quite obvious that this is the case why AMD processors seemed to all most all ways fall short of expectations. Intel is forced to redesign a compiler that is fair to all AMD processors. Exactly when this will happen – who knows. But when it does, then we will see how AMD fairs up to Intel.

  9. @ AI K Seltzer Amazing someone can comment on the performance of the Phenom II X6, before the specs are released or a single bench mark detailed. Brillant

  10. This news if true is actually pretty ordinary. Sorry to say it but things aren’t looking good for AMD until bulldozer (which will be 2 years late). They cant expect to compete against Intel’s Core i5/i7 range for over 12 months with price cuts and with something that is not significantly better than phenom 2 X4 (a product designed to compete against the 2+ year old Core 2 gen!) Some website did a review comparing phenom 2 X4 and X6 at 2.6 GHz recently and the Phenom X6 is going to barely beat out the lowest core i7’s let alone Intel’s 980X. Where are the Phenom 2 FX’s?
    I bought a 955 and Gigabyte 790GPT-UD3H board because I was led to believe there would be a good long term upgrade path but now because it seems that bulldozer is going to be incompatable with AM3 and there is only the underwhelming phenom X6 processors guaranteed to work in socket AM3 I am having serious reservations about my purchase. Get your act together AMD or you will be struggling against VIA and making low end netbook CPU’s.

  11. For the server lover I suppose.

    Six cores for application developement on the desktop along multiple hosts on a virtual machine.

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