We received some news that the upcoming 6 core processor from AMD will probably be showcased at CeBIT as it is almost ready to announce the product on the 26 Apr 2010.

Unconfirmed information also reveal that AMD intends to implement a dynamic performance boosting technology.

As software that takes advantage of multi-core seems to be developed way slower than hardware advancements, this boosting technology will dynamically boost the CPU CLK by disabling certain cores and overclock the rest.

Currently, only Intel has such technology available on its chip. It is known as Turbo Boost Technology.

As we have mentioned before the launch of AMD 890GX will support the Thuban Phenom II X6. Older boards featuring the AMD 785G and earlier 790FX, 790GX might also fit the bill with a BIOS upgrade.

Lets cross our fingers and wait for APR 2010.


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