Intel will launch new series of P67 and H67 chipsets in Jan 2011 with 25% graphics improvement

It is annual update with chipsets. Intel is slated to launch the P67 and H67 chipsets in Jan 2011. Board manufacturers are eagerly awaiting for the new processors and chipsets as they already have the boards ready for the new yr.

For those who have seen our report of Computex 2010, you would have seen some early static boards of P67 or H67.

Basically, the P67 and H67 do not differ much from it’s predecessors the P55 and H55. Basically the P67 is discrete while the H67 has graphics output ports on the mainboard.

One thing to note is that the P67 and H67 will support new series of processors with LGA1155 socket. Thus, your current processors won’t run on the new boards with new chipsets.

The new processors with 1155 is slated to be lanuched in January 2011 or so. The new embedded graphics on these processors is said to have a 25% improvement in performance over the current LGA1156 processors.

Currently, Intel P55 and H55 boards support overclocking. Unfortunately, the next generation H67 will not support overclocking. So, if you need to overclock, you would have to go for discrete solution, the P67.