ASRock’s front USB 3.0 mainboard leads the industry

Innovate innovate and innovate. Mainboard manufactuers are doing their best to bring out the best features on their mainboards.

ASRock, being on the frontier of innovation and technology brings us more surprises one after another.

ASRock is the first manufacturer to incorporate more than 2 USB 3.0 ports powered by the NEC USB 3.0 chipset. As we all know, USB 3.0 gives a boost to data thoughput of up to 5Gbps instead of the 480Mbps of USB 2.0.

ASRock is the first to bring the ports to the front by introducing bundling a front panel bracket with the new boards.

With front USB 3.0, you are now able to tap the speed by plugging your USB 3.0 devices directly from the front panel, saving you time grouping around in the dark finding the right USB port at the backplane.

The front panel USB 3.0 was first introduced on the P55 Extreme 4. This mainboard comes with 4 USB 3.0 ports (2 back and 2 front). In addition, you also get 4 SATA3 ports on board.


To cater to different market segments, ASRock brings the Front USB 3.0 support to 3 more boards, namely the 890FX Deluxe 4, 890GX Extreme 4 for the AMD platform and X58 Extreme 6 for the Intel X58 platform.

The 890FX Deluxe 4 is based on the AMD 890FX chipset support 2 front and 2 back USB 3.0, it also support up to 8 SATA3 ports on board.

The 890GX Extreme 4 also has 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 front and 2 back and has 5 SATA3 ports.

The X58 Extreme 6 is the highest end board in this range. It is based on intel X58 chipset. It supports te new 6 core processors and has 6 USB 3.0 ports. THere are 4 for the rear and 2 for the front. It is equipped with 6 SATA3 ports too.

All 4 boards comes with the Front USB 3.0 front panel bundled in for free.

Watch out for review of some of these boards at soon. Also check out our ASRock forums on announcement of lucky draw for these boards in the upcoming days-weeks.


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