In our Review of ASRock H55M Pro Intel H55 Mainboard with Core i5 661, we showed you the nice features of this board. ASRock ups its ante by introduce GPU CLK adjustment in it’s latest BIOS. You can now use the options available in the BIOS to tune up the GPU CLK and it’s voltage.

Although GPU EZ OC setting only has two options 1000 and 1100MHz, you can manualy set it up to 1333Mhz. We tried 1333MHz but it isn’t stable with voltage bumped up. In the BIOS, the GPU VID can be upped to 1.4625v. There is also an option GFX voltage which defaults to +200mV.

We tested the new BIOS by setting EZ GPU OC to 1.1GHz. With the same processor Core i5-661, we managed to boost it’s 3DMark06 and 3DMarkVantage scores by a substantial amount.

In 3DMark06, the score was 2158 (Sm2:676, SM3:843,CPU:3765). With the GPU Clk increase to 1.1GHz, the score increased to 2415 (SM2:762, SM3:949,CPU:3684). That is a 12% boost for 3Dmark06 in 1024×768 default test.

As for 3Dmark Vantage Entry test, the original BIOS gives us a scare of E5630 (GPU:4947,CPU:9617). With GPU increase to 1.1GHz, the score is now E6021 (GPU:5382,CPU:9356). That gives a boost of 7%.

Below are screen shots of the BIOS and the review ca be read here –  Review of ASRock H55M Pro Intel H55 Mainboard with Core i5 661. You can download the BIOS and discuss it in our forums.