ASRock have updated its BIOS for H55M Pro with a new feature ” Turbo100“. When you use a Pentium G6950 (the cheapest clarkdale CPU) on H55M Pro, this function will be available in BIOS . It’ll boost 3D program for 100% enhancement. Below are results that shows the improved results with the new option enabled.

CPU Type Pentium G6950 (Q3GT-C2 version)
OC capability Default Turbo 100 Turbo 70
CPU 2.8G / GPU 533 / RAM 1066 CPU 4.2G / GPU 767 / RAM 1600 CPU 4G / GPU 700 / RAM 1200
3D mark 2006 score    (1280 x 1024) 1313 2639 2277
Turbo ratio 0.00% 100.99% 73.42%
3D Vantage score 3D vantage (Entry) 3543 6545 5728
Turbo ratio 0.00% 84.73% 61.67%
GPU 3199 6152 5272
CPU 5229 8098 7738

If you require the BIOS, please login to our forums at ASRock (INTEL) and request for the BIOS there.


5 thoughts on “ASRock developed “Turbo100” to boost 3D performance by 100% on Pentium G6950 with ASRock H55M Pro board”
  1. i never anticipated 3d technology to take off so significantly. I’ve been hearing so much in the news latley regarding products that are shortly to be introduced. 3d will be all around you in the future.

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