A week ago, Intel launches its new series of chipsets the H55/H57. The H55/H57 is a variant of the P55 with an integrated graphics within the processor. A new bus FDI was added.

From the way the features are added, we would expect 2 things, shrinking the die and integrating more features.

Intel 5 series is manufactured using 65nm process. The new Intel 6 series would migrate to 45nm procesor.

The Intel 6 series would have an souped up DMI with faster performance DMI 2.0. We should see a Intel X68 chipset somewhere in the 2nd quarter of 2010. Perhaps ICH11 would also be introduced together with the new 6 series of chipsets.

Only in 2011, we would see DMI 2, USB 3, SATA 6Gbps becoming standards. Based on previous generation naming convention, we would expect a P65, H65, Q65 with pretty similar feature sets. P65 will be the desktop chipset for mainstream whlle H65 comes with FDI for Clarkdale next generation and Q65 for the business.