Intel prepares 8 series chipsets ready for Q2 2013 and might be displayed at CeBIT 2013 Germany

For those who are preparing to fly to CeBIT exhibition, you might be able to see the 8 series chipset motherboards on display at various booths there.

Motherboard manufacturers are all ready, for the next generation of Intel chipsets, the 8 series.

The 8 series will consists of Z87, H87, B85, H81. All will spot a different socket 1150.

According to the tweet, the Z87 and the rest will be available as early as Q2 2013 but the H81 will be delayed.

So get ready for another change of socket type soon. After this generation, the future processors will be soldered on board and most likely you won’t have much of a chance but to get a board with CPU together as a ‘bundle’.

On the other hand, the actual Haswell processors will not be available till June. So, you might end up having boards on sale without processors just like before.