Forcing Windows Phone 7.8 OS update on HTC Trophy 7
29 Mar 2013

A few days ago, we received an update notice on our LG E900 also known as LG Optimus 7, the first generation Windows 7 phone. The update took almost an hour or so to bring us from Windows 7.5 to Windows 7.8.

Before the actual OS upgrade to Windows 7.8, there were a number of interim updates made to Windows 7.5 which was not made available before. It went through 5 steps to the final build.
Build 8779.8 -> 8783.12 -> 8858.136 -> 8860.142 -> 8862.144

IMG_0447 IMG_0448

As LG and Microsoft already pushed out their updates, we tried to see if HTC trophy 7 gets any love. To our disbelief, there were no updates available.

I did a search on the net and discovered that the old trick that we used to update to NoDo is able to trick the servers to push down the updates. We did it again and was successful to get it updated to the latest OS.

The trick is to unplug your network cable or USB network adapter at the 6 second after you click on the UPDATE button.

Here is how to go about it :

1.  Power on the HTC Trophy 7
2.  Switch the phone to AIRPLANE mode
3.  Connect up the USB cable and let it detect and install any drivers (if necessary).
4.  Run Zune
5.  Click Update and count till the 5 or 6 second
6.  Pull out the network cable or USB WiFi adaptor
7.  Wait for Zune to display “An update is found”. If it says “You are having the latest update”, proceed to step 5 and try it again.
8.  Plug your Ethernet cable or USB WiFi adaptor back to your system.
9.  Proceed with the update.

The update is automatic and do not need any human intervention. It will go through a number of updates depending on your latest OS update. Most users will start with Windows 7.5 as it was the last available update to most Trophy 7 users.

Below are the screen shots of the update process.


You can now resize the Live Tiles and get all the fixes applied to your HTC Trophy 7.

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9 thoughts on “Forcing Windows Phone 7.8 OS update 7.10.8862.144 on HTC Trophy 7”
  1. I’m still trying to do this, but it will not work for me. I am following the directions exactly as they are presented but no luck at all. What am I doing wrong?

  2. It works! My Trophy is updating right now. I’m in the southeastern US. I couldnt get it to work on the mac software, but worked fine on Windows 7.

  3. Are you in America? If so, you’d be the first and only to get this to work on a Trophy.

  4. Hello Joel…
    1st u need to turn flight mode on(htc trophy). 2nd connect it with ur laptop. 3rd press the phone and then settings, u will see the update option on ur left, press it & by the time quickly turn off ur lapotp or pc wifi connection. if u delay to that the up to date message will appear. so do that quick in 6 sec. then update notification will appear. 4th connect the wifi again before u press the update. update will take long time so dont close when its says update successful..thats it enjoy

  5. Doesn’t work for me. 🙁 I’ve tried this dozens of times and always either get “Can’t connect…” error or “Your phone is up to date 7.10 (8773)” message.

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