If you have been wondering on how to maximise your returns and save your way to your first bucket of gold, banks may not be the way in this new era.

With Friz, built for freelancers and content creators, Friz helps to achieve that by saving with it’s 1.75% rebate debit card for your payment to groceries, online subscription to digital service etc. You can also add the virtual card to Google Pay which earns you some discounts too (from Google Pay).


Secondly, it allows you to access credit without monthly payslip by applying for it’s credit line. You can borrow up to $10,000 as a personal loan and it takes about 8 minutes to apply online.

Thirdly, for the freelancers, you can now register for a free account and issue invoices through Friz at $0 (till 31 Dec 2021). There is an option to get paid in advance on invoices send through Friz so you don’t have to worry about late payments. It also helps you to manage all your invoices in one place.

All 3 options are very attractive but I think the 1.75% is the most useful feature of this card. In fact, there aren’t many cards out there that rebates you 1.75% without a minimum spending required. Yes, you get rebate for paying your SP bills (some don’t). 

The card be tied up to Google Pay for cashless transaction at terminals accepting Google Pay.

Apply and Spend with Friz debit card

Friz debit card is absolutely free and easy to use. We bring to you a 1.75% cashback* on ALL your no questions asked. Use the Friz debit card for your subscriptions, marketing, invoicing, invoices, bill payments – no limits on what you can spend on. Users like you have saved $100s in cash backs already. You can Top up the debit card through FAST from any Singapore banks.

*Excludes AXS and e-wallet top up spend.


Sign up and complete one of the actions to get $20 (and we get $20 too) Referral code CHE-2Ngvdr

Sign up on Friz now (referral code CHE-2Ngvdr). Get $20 for signing up using our referral and complete one of the actions below:

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Spend S$500* or more on their Friz Debit Card

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Apply and get approved for a Friz Credit Line

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Gets paid S$500 or more for invoices issued using Friz

Top Up and get $5 on your first top up of $10 or more

Get your free $5 on your first top up (that is a total of $15 for your use).

Currently, there is no app available for Friz. According to Friz, it is in the plans. 

Sign up now using our referral code (CHE-2Ngvdr)

updated 20 Mar 2022

By Harry