Galaxy AI features are now available on more Samsung Galaxy devices in Singapore through a new One UI 6.1 update, engineered to further the democratisation of mobile AI. With the new One UI 6.1 update, users of the Galaxy S23 Series, S23 FE, Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 will now be able to unlock new ways to communicate, create and be productive with Galaxy AI[ii]. The update will also be progressively available on the Galaxy Tab S9 Series from 5 April 2024 onwards. Galaxy AI is designed to deliver premium mobile AI experiences that empower users in their daily lives. Here are 3 Galaxy AI features to check out: 

1. Communication That Transcends Barrier
  More Galaxy users will now be able to enhance how they communicate on their smartphone with Galaxy AI features such as:Chat Assist[i]: the ability to adjust tonality of messages and translate messages in 13 different languages;Live Translate[iv]: voice and text translations for phone calls; andInterpreter: real-time text translation for live conversations. 
2. Unparalleled Productivity
  With Galaxy AI now introduced to the Galaxy ecosystem, day-to-day tasks will now be more seamless on Galaxy AI-supported devices. Experience new levels of efficiency with:Improved search functions using Circle to Search with Google[v];Note Assist[vi] to create formats, generate summaries, and translate copies in Samsung Notes;Stay up to speed faster by generating comprehensive summaries of news articles with Browsing Assist[vii]; andEasily transcribe meeting recordings and generate summaries and translations with Transcript Assist. 
3. Unstoppable Creativity for your inner artists
Editing screen  Unlock your creative potential. Galaxy’s latest update delivers a suite of Galaxy AI tools that encourages creative freedom even after a photo is taken, such as:Generative Edit[viii] which allows for easy resize, reposition and realignment of objects in photos to perfect a great shot;Edit Suggestion[ix] to help polish any photo faster and easier than ever; andInstant Slow-mo[x] that allows users to capture epic action-packed moments, without any re-shots!
 Creativity and personalisation do not stop here. Customising Galaxy devices is even easier than before through AI-generated wallpapers, enabling AI-supported devices to bring users’ creativity to life.

By Harry