DDR3 Gaming Series EVO TWO –THE HARDCORE GAMING MEMORY GeIL announces the launch of the all new DDR3 EVO TWO Gaming Series Memory to be added as the benchmark in GeILs’ gamingperformance memory line of products.Like its’ predecessor EVO ONE, the EVO TWO heat-sink system is designed with Maximum Thermal Conduction & Dissipation (MTCD) Technology for maximum cooling efficiency and enhanced memory performance. The EVO TWO Series will be available in thefastest speed as well as covering the rest of the speed range with enhanced performance and stability by GeILs’ DBT – Die-hard Burn-in Technology. EVO TWO is the hardcore gaming memory to have!Specification:

*Hardcore Gaming Speed: – 2000MHz CL6-9-6-24 – 2500MHz CL9-11-9-27*Available Capacity:- Dual Channel Package: 2GB (1GBx2), 4GB (2GBx2) Heat-spreader: EVO TWO heat-sink system with MTCD TechnologyTechnology: DBT Enhanced, Die-hard Burn-in Technology