Closer Look

GIGABYTE has went dark with their packaging during last generation and the OC series packaging continues this tradition. As a complete break-away from the previous simpler, subtle packaging style, the SOC FORCE features a racing car in the front with the model name in bold print. The box is also semi-gloss instead of fully glossy like the 8-series boards. The back of the box still features the function highlights and marketing bullets of the product. A front flap allows a peek of the motherboard inside.



Included in the package are documentation, driver installation disc, SATA cables, SLI bridges, and unique to the OC range of GIGABYTE products (and some other OC from other brands) are test probe lead connectors and definitely unique to GIGABYTE is the OC Brace.



The OC Brace is an exclusive GIGABYTE accessory for overclockers and enthusiasts that attaches to the screwholes on the rear PCI area for out-case applications such as testing and benchmarking. This small accessory is a godsend and very handy.

By Harry