As I type this review, I cannot help but feel the extreme need to give the new 9-series motherboard the proper review they deserve but without the new processors from Intel, we are at the mercy of their release cycle.

Focusing on the GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC FORCE, GIGABYTE has certainly seen the perfection that was the Z87X-OC and tailored their flagship 9-series OC board after it. The ease of use, rich features and sturdy build make this an excellent platform for enthusiasts who like to chase numbers and participate in competitive overclocking. As a system platform, it lends itself well as a solid motherboard packed with the latest features from both Intel and GIGABYTE dresses it up nicely.

Ultimately though, the decision is still up in the air? Should you get a Z97 board? The answer varies from person to person, but as for the time being we will revolve around the concept that the 8-series is dead and gone and the only market option is the 9-series. That said, if you already have a Z87 board and do not see yourself needing SATA Express or m2 then there’s no point to get one unless you will be upgrade to the later generation of processors on launch.

Going back to the Z97X-SOC FORCE, with the Devils Canyon variant of the Haswell refresh slated to be Z97-exclusive, competitive overclockers will have to get these new-gen boards if they want to fiddle with the latest and greatest. The GIGABYTE Z97X SOC FORCE offers a full-featured overclocking platform, formed from the history of the GIGABYTE OC brand.

As for our verdict… we refuse to give the GIGABYTE Z97X-SOC FORCE a final score now. Not without the new Haswell refresh or any next-gen chips to base data off. With that said, this review is to be concluded.

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GIGABYTE GIGABYTE GA-Z97X-SOC FORCE LGA1150 Intel Z97 DDR3 4-Way CrossFireX & 2-Way SLI SATA3&USB3.0 A&GbE ATX Motherboard / GA-Z97X-SOC FORCE /

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