— Optimal GPU Overclocking with GIGABYTE’s Ultimate Super Overclock Series —

— Premium Graphics Card with GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting and Ultra Durable VGA, GIGABYTE HD 5870 SOC Hot Launch at CeBIT —


Taipei, Taiwan, 22nd February, 2010 – GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, grandly introduces a powerful new addition to its product lineup: the Super Overclock Series. All of the GPUs in this new range of high-end graphics cards have been cherry-picked for top performance, efficiency and reliability. Utilizing GIGABYTE’s innovative GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting process ensures that only premium GPU processors are used in these graphics cards. Coupled with Ultra Durable VGA boards, users can rest assured that the Super Overclock Series graphics cards won’t let them down when they step onto the digital battleground.

GPU Gauntlet Sorting

First, GIGABYTE’s database analysis system evaluates the GPU core engine, shader engine and memory.  If a processor doesn’t meet the pre-defined standard, it will not qualify for the Super Overclock Series.

In addition, GIGABYTE’s proprietary testing toolkit allows engineers to inspect and select the GPUs with the highest frequency. This program operates for 30 minutes and provides important data on the maximum overclocking ability when compared to a stock GPU. Once the Super Overclock point has been determined, engineers will boost the frequency to offer the highest factory default clock setting in the market

Next, each Super Overclock Series GPU faces the Graphics benchmarks, FurMark and 3DMark Vantage, to measure performance and stability under an intense graphics load. A GPU that passes this stage will perform at a lower temperature and fan speed compared to a standard GPU. By choosing the cream of the crop, GIGABYTE ensures rich rendering of intricate 3D scenes and realistic physical effects such as water, gas, steam, fire, etc for a lifelike gaming adventure.

Last but not least, engineers test the power switching and stability. The GPUs with the best power efficiency and lowest power consumption qualify for the Super Overclock Series. And GIGABYTE understands that premium graphics cards should not sound like a cement truck rolling down the freeway, so a large cooling fan provides for a quiet computing environment.

Thanks to Ultra Durable VGA 5 quality components, 2 oz copper PCB, first tier memory, Japanese solid capacitors, ferrite core chokes and low RDS (on) MOSFET, the Super Overclock Series provides for top performance in graphics benchmarking. These high-quality components promise consumers 5%~10% lower GPU temperatures, 10-30% higher overclocking capability, and switching power loss that is reduced by 10-30%

GIGABYTE’s innovative GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting process provides three main benefits:

Full-throttle Performance Tuning

Proprietary database analysis system helps engineers investigate GPU core, shader and memory.

Optimized Thermal Efficiency

With high-quality Gigabyte Ultra Durable VGA components, the processor selected by GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting boasts extra lower temperature by 5 to 10%. The guarantee fan speed at 1500 rpm in high-rated 3D and physics-accelerated games helps reduce noise for an absolutely quite environment.

Expert Power Switching

GPUs are examined and tested for the highest power efficiency and lowest power consumption using the FurMark and 3DMark Vantage benchmark. Taking GIGABYTE GTX 260 Super Overclock Series graphics card for example, it delivers a 25% increase in performance compared to a standard GTX 260 card. And a GIGABYTE GTX 260 Super Overclock Series card guarantees the same overclocking capability as a standard GTX 260 dual-fan video card, but with lower power consumption.

Built for OC Competition & Gaming Battle

Serious gamers require serious gear. That is why GIGABYTE has developed the Super Overclock Series. The Super Overclock Series is built for OC competition and gaming battle and has been heavily used in competition. The GIGABYTE Super Overclock Series has proven time and time again to be an amazing overclocking GPU, continually allowing users to break and set higher and higher new world records. The GIGABYTE graphics card world record ceiling has possibly been reached and setting a new 3DMark GPU world record with GIGABYTE Super Overclock Edition.

GIGABYTE creates a secret weapon, HD 5870 Super Overclock Edition, is built using ATI RadeonTM HD 5870 GPU which is based on 40nm process and advanced GDDR5 memory technology. The powerful new GPU provides for a host of innovative new features including Microsoft DirectX® 11, ATI Eyefinity Technology, and offer an incredibly immersive HD gaming experience and unrivaled performance.

ATI Eyefinity Multi-display Technology

Benefiting from ATI Eyefinity Technology, every gamer can run up to 3 displays from a single HD 5870 graphics board and expand the field of view across all displays. End-users can enjoy the ultimate gaming experience with innovative “wrap around” multi-display capabilities with ATI Eyefinity Technology.

GIGABYTE HD 5870 Super Overclock Edition presents exquisite industrial design, including GIGABYTE self-feature fansink, extremely user-friendly, amazing speed and digital tweaking. Those unique features help hard-cord gamers easy to overclock. Only serious gamers deserve such premium graphics cards.

Anti-turbulence Inclined Dual Fan

The outstanding dual fan design doubles the cooling capability and offers extreme silent environment. GIGABYTE builds up an inclined cooling fan which helps heats can spread effectively from hot areas. 4 heat-pipes contribute to 13?cooler than reference fansink.

Extremely User-friendly

GIGABYTE specific voltage read point provides hard-core gamers an ultimate benching experience at overclocking competition. Heavy users can change the voltage simply by software instead of modifying any components on PCB. Overclockers are easy to master the platform and monitor GPU workload in time just through voltage read point.


Amazing Speed

GIGABYTE NEC Prodilizer® also known as film capacitor unique features excellent noise absorption performance at GHz frequency, extreme low ESL/ ESR, high current capability, and high switching frequency. The Prodilizer® provides pure electric current and transmits more stable power even on heavy loading.

Digital Tweaking

GIGABYTE adjustable software offers gamers to adjust all contents, including Core/ Shader/ Memory tuner, GPU/ Memory Voltage tuner, PWM tuner and Fan Speed tuner. User-friendly software gives hard-core gamers liberty on overcloking.

The GIGABYTE Super Overclock Series contains GTX 260, HD 5870 and upcoming HD 5770. For more details of the Super Overclock Series, please visit the GIGABYTE VGA website at: http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/VGA/Default.aspx