Gigabyte’s 3D BIOS is first of it’s kind in the world. We have seen other UEFI BIOS before on other boards but none come as impressive as the 3D BIOS from Gigabyte. With the mouse, you can maneuver to different parts of the board. Just click and the parameters the governs are adjustable. It adds a visual representation for the underlying BIOS parameters that are usually alien to most.

Gigabyte also has a new DUAL BIOS. There is a EASY OC button for direct OC boost to 4GHz. There is also a BIOS selector so that you can choose which BIOS to boot up from. This is especially useful for testing beta bios.

Gigabyte X79 series boards now comes bundle with Bluetooth 4.0 +WIFI card. You can now transfer up to 24Mbps between devices.

At the mean time, Gigabyte has also submitted new apps to Apple Store and Android market. Very soon, you will be able to use the following apps to do control and overclocking through WiFi of your handphone.