Taipei, Taiwan, May 28th, 2014 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, following the launch of the 9 series motherboards based on the Intel Z97/H97 Chipset, unveiled today two new websites, the G1™ Gaming and Black Edition websites. The new addresses are a unique place for all gamers to follow the latest information about the G1™ Gaming Series motherboards and gaming world, and for Black Edition owners to keep track of the latest news and opportunities



G1™ Gaming


In 2010, GIGABYTE, introduced their first gaming motherboards, helping to define what it means to be a PC gamer, and since then, GIGABYTE has been hard at work creating a new line of motherboards that focus solely on the features that matter to most gamers. With the new G1 website, GIGABYTE is one step closer to its goal to be the ultimate gamer’s resource.


Divided in 7 categories, each offering unique G1 related information, gamers from all backgrounds visiting the page will be able to discover  everything the new GIGABYTE G1 series has to offer. From a full range of products with feature introductions and complete specifications, to media reviews, G1 events around the globe,updates of all the official GIGABYTE sponsored G1 gaming teams and official gaming related announcements from GIGABYTE, the new G1 Gaming website is the place to stay connected with the gaming world. Paired with an eye-catching and cool design, the new GIGABYTE G1 Gaming website utilizes HTML5 technology to provide the users with a friendlier browsing experience.



Black Edition


The GIGABYTE Utra Durable™ Black Edition motherboards have been introduced with the recent launch of the 9 series motherboards. GIGABYTE has gone great length in an effort to prove that the Black Edition is a statement of durability and reliability. At their factory in Nanping, Taiwan, GIGABYTE custom built a testing facility where each motherboard labeled as Black Edition undergoes an extra 168 hours of stress testing before shipment to ensure maximum quality and ultimate durability. Once the board has passed the entire rigorous week long testing, they receive a Certificate of Validation that is signed by the GIGABYTE manufacturing VP and GM.


But that’s not all! With the launch of the Black Edition website, Black Edition motherboard owners can register online to join the GIGABYTE Black Edition Members Club and receive exclusive membership benefits including an extended 5 years warranty. By registering their motherboard, members will also have access to a gallery of video feeds showing the testing process at the facility. Additionally, regular activities will be held for the members of the Black Edition Members club where they’ll have the chance to win great prizes including a chance to win a trip to Taiwan to see the factory first hand.


Stay tuned with GIGABYTE as more features and information will be added to each website.


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