This evening, Google is set to unveil its latest flagship smartphone during the highly anticipated Google 2023 Keynote, scheduled for 10 a.m. EST (10 p.m. SGT/HKT) on October 4th, 2023. Depending on your geographical location, the live broadcast will commence at either 10 a.m. (EST) or the corresponding time in SGT/HKT.

In the lead-up to this momentous event, the digital realm has been abuzz with a multitude of leaks, divulging a wealth of details. Among the revelations are comprehensive specifications and pricing information for the forthcoming Pixel 8 series. Notable features on offer include a suite of cutting-edge functionalities such as Magic Erase, Photo Unblur, Face Unblur, Night Sight, and RealTone. Of particular interest is the Night Sight Video feature, engineered to elevate video quality even in challenging low-light environments.

Additionally, intriguing speculations have surfaced concerning the performance of Google’s proprietary Tensor G3 chipset, suggesting it may rival the capabilities of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, as indicated by Geekbench 6 benchmarks.

Drawing from past experiences with the Pixel 7 Pro, there arises a question of whether the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will successfully address any lingering concerns regarding heat management—a topic that keen observers will undoubtedly be watching closely during the upcoming launch event.

You can check out Google Store on Amazon for the updated pricing after it’s announcement.

You can watch it live below

By Harry