In the past 24 hours, many videos have surfaced on the net. It demonstrates how easy it is to illegally install the Google services onto the Huawei Mate 30. Huawei mate 30 is barred from using the Google services due to the trade war.

Although this is a straightforward process and works. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be blocked if Google wants to. Installing such a ‘hack’ might also increase the risk of your handphone being easily hacked.

Many readers are finding ‘solutions’ to it and some readers mentioned that you can install a custom rom. Well, that is not possible as Huawei has openly mentioned that they will not unlock the bootloader. Even if Huawei allows you to unblock the bootloader, do you think most users are so tech savvy to understand the techniques involved in flashing a firmware ? Most users buy a handset and use it out of the box without meddling with the firmware (less firmware update which is automatic).

If you really like the Mate 30 series, just get it and forget about installing Google services. You either run the web based version of the google apps or you can install and use all the Chinese equivalent apps like baidu, tencent maps, weibo etc. just like their native users in mainland China.

Below is a video on how you can install Google apps onto a mate 30 pro.

By Harry